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Food for Life

Do you find yourself with no time to cook but still want nutritionally balanced meals? Look at Home Chef, Australia's premier home delivery meal service. With professionals helping you every step of the way, see how Home Chef can help you eat healthy despite your busy lifestyle.

Home Chef is also helpful if you or your family members need additional support post surgery or illness. Focus on getting better and let Home Chef take care of your meals. They have meals to cater to any special dietary needs.

They also have a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied or unhappy with your meals or service, contact their customer care team and Home Chef will either replace, credit or redeliver your order until you are happy.

All About Home Chef AU

Choose among Home Chef's 70+ meals to plan you and your family's weekly meals. All special diets are available: vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic and puree. You'll feel good knowing that each meal you choose are nutritionally balanced and approved by a dietician. All meals are microwave and oven safe; which means they are easy to heat and ready to eat in minutes. Choose between the large or regular portion.

When you order, you'll find that meals are organized by proteins, special diets, soups, dessert and pureed meals. Choose which ones you want and select your delivery. It's as simple as that.

Why Customers Choose Home Chef AU

Home Chef is perfect for families with members who are recovering and can't cook for themselves or for busy individuals who can't find the time to shop for groceries or cook. Customers love Home Chef because they are able to order meals worry free - each meal is nutritious and delicious. There is no mess to clean up and you just need a microwave or oven to heat your meal.

Their customer service team is also exceptional. If you encounter any problems with your order or need additional assistance, they are ready to help.

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