The Personal is Practical

by Felice T.

Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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I was recently bestowed with the distinction of being my best friend’s maid of honor for her upcoming wedding. Part of my duties include finding cute and unique gifts for the important women of her wedding party, like her future mother-in-law Michelle, her bridesmaid Debbie, and her sweet niece, Amanda, who will be the flower girl. She wants to show them just how much she appreciates them for contributing to her special day.

Browsing online, I came across Pink Lily, an online boutique that specializes in cute clothing and accessories – it’s perfect for everyone in the bride’s wedding party; each of them have a unique style that is all their own. It was great place to start my search.

Pink Lily offers everything from cardigans to kimonos, lounge to athletic wear, and rompers to jumpsuits not to mention everything in between. They even have a plus size and kid’s section so no one is left behind when it comes to fashion. Their selections change based on current trends of the seasons so it’s always so you’re guaranteed to always be in style.

The best part of Pink Lily I found is their large selection custom made, monogramable products. You can get t-shirts, pull overs, and other accessories with first-, middle-, and last-name initials for that thoughtful and personal touch.

Clutches, Purses and Totes

For Michelle, her future mother-in-law, I suggested getting her a monogrammed bag called the “Weekender.” Michelle has family all over the state and this tote is the perfect size to carry all of her essentials around. The timeless natural look means it will go with just about anything! And since the front of the bag is ideal for monogramming Michelle’s initials, she can put down her bag almost anywhere and not have to worry about someone else picking it up.


I really loved Pink Lily’s range of monogramable drinkware and think that Debbie, her bridesmaid, would like it too. Pink Lily carries everything from acrylic tumblers to canteens and coffee mugs. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so the bride should have no trouble picking the best drinking accessory for Debbie. She’s an avid gym goer, so I recommended going with the vinyl stainless steel bottle. It’s lightweight and will keep your beverage at just the right temperature, whether it’s hot like coffee or cool like lemonade. And since it will have Debbie’s initials on it, it will be easier to keep track of it both in and out of the gym.

Kids' Collection

Pink Lily has a great kid’s collection with a variety of styles to choose from. For Amanda, the flower girl, I think she’d look so cute in a monogrammed kids' cap. It’s perfect for keeping the sun off of Amanda's face while she's outside playing or swimming at the poo. Plus if she takes it on playdates, it will be easy to find and won’t get lost with other children’s toys or clothes.

Pink Lily makes monogramming their items really easy. They have tons of fonts, colors and styles to choose from so your piece will truly be personalized. Plus it doesn’t add too much wait time to your final order.

I’m excited to share my findings with the bride and see what she thinks. And I’m sure she’s going to love Pink Lily. If I know here like I do, I’m sure she’ll add some items just for her and monogram them with her soon-to-be-new initials!

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