Raise Your Hand if You Know Where Your Phone is Right Now

by Felice T.

Posted on Saturday, March 02, 2019

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Like most people today, my phone is my lifeline – it’s how I make Saturday night plans, it’s how I pay bills, it’s how I keep up with current events, and yes, even occasionally, I’ve been known to try and do work on my phone despite the super tiny screen and keyboard.

Our phones have become an extension of how we move through the world by what we post, what we engage in, what we buy, and more. I, for one, know I would be lost without mine.

Something that is so essential to my every day needs to be protected. My heart stops when I think about dropping my phone. Cracked screen? Unable to text because of glass shards? Can’t silence the phone when someone dares to (gulp) call? No, thank you.

Fortunately, Incipio carries a variety of phone cases that fit all the popular phone brands. And when I mean fit, I mean skin tight. Gone are the days of bulky, stiff, cocoon-like phone cases. Incipio understands the convenience of phones – how they need to fit into a pocket, purse, or hand – and reflects this in their design. Incipio cases are like second skin: Protection that you desperately need but don’t necessarily need to see.

Dualpro: Maximum Protection

It happens to the best of us; you’re scrolling through social media and your phone slips through your fingers and slams on the ground. Your mood, just like your screen, is shattered. "Never again!" you internally shout to the sky, and then you vow to get a better case.

With Dualpro, you get twice the protection. The first layer is a hard outer shell to ward off any scratches or dings. The second layer is shock absorbent and protects the inside of your phone. Incipio has tested this military-grade protective case through 10-foot-high drops. Talk about a trust fall. And, aesthetically, the cases are sleek while remaining strong.

NGP: Keep Your Phone Beautiful

Let’s be honest, how your phone looks is part of the appeal. While function matters, so does its design.

Protect your phone’s face with Incipio’s NGP case. Its slim, flexible design keeps your phone safe while letting its natural beauty shine through. Easy to grip and even easier to see, NGP is perfect if you want to keep a sleek, wraparound, lightweight profile.

Stashback 2.0: Keep it all Together

If you’re someone who likes to keep it simple when you go out, check out Incipio’s Stashback 2.0 case. You’re able to carry up to 3 cards or cash in your phone case without sacrificing protection. So don’t worry if your phone drops from a bar ledge or table, it will be okay. Because of their intelligent design, you’ll still have access to all the buttons and features your phone offers. The Stashback 2.0 minimizes the amount of things you have to keep track of while you’re out. It’s a win-win!

All Incipio cases come with a one-year warranty and ships free on all U.S. orders.

Our phones aren’t going anywhere (thank god) so we need to make sure we protect them as best we can. Incipio lets us do just that. From military-grade protection to sleek and thoughtful design, Incipio gives a variety of ways to easily keep our technology safe.

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