How I Used Fitness 360 to Transform My Body

by Madi M.

Posted on Tuesday, October 03, 2017

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Fitness 360 is definitely a valuable tool for anyone looking for guidance on their fitness journey. It’s a catalog of incredibly fit men and women; you pick the type of body you want and learn about that person’s fitness philosophy, training and nutrition program, as well as their supplement plan. Sounds simple enough to me: pick the body you want, follow that person's training and nutrition and eventually you’ll look like them, right? Not exactly. Anyone who has ever gone on a personal fitness journey knows that there are many factors that affect how we look even when we are the most fit versions of ourselves.

As an athlete who plays a contact sport (roller derby), here is how I used the information I gathered on Fitness 360 - Pick Your Own Physique section to both transform my body and improve my athletic performance:

I Decided What I Wanted
My goals were two-fold: to improve athletic performance and to look a certain way. Many of the people featured in Fitness 360 were into physique competitions or fitness models. Their regimens are different than athletes who play sports. This is where the athlete profiles came in handy. I found Stephanie, a woman who, in addition to competing in bikini competitions, was also heavily into CrossFit and was training for a triathlon. Her balance between aesthetics and performance was exactly what I needed.

I Decided What to Eat
It can be overwhelming to change several things at once and I knew my nutrition would play a big role in my ability to keep up with Stephanie’s intense training program, so I decided to focus on food first. Stephanie followed a diet of all-natural, whole, paleo foods, and while I admire her dedication, I doubted my ability to fit such a strict diet into my lifestyle. To help fit healthier choices into my current eating plan, I took advantage of the Nutrition Calculators section of I used different tools to figure out my BMR, calculate the nutritional content of Stephanie’s meal plan, and learn which macronutrients I should pay attention to when I went out for food or deviated from the plan. I was even able to adjust the meal plan based on my level of daily physical activity and weight loss goals.

I Decided How to Workout
Many of Stephanie’s recommended exercises involved weights, but I wasn’t sure how much weight I should start with or when I should go up in weight. I used a guide in the Training section of to figure out which weight I should use for a certain number of reps based on my 1 rep max. I also used their BodySpace program to track progress and take the guesswork out of increasing my weight.

I Decided Which Supplements to Use
The only things more helpful than the tools and info on were their great deals on products and supplements. They run sales often and have free shipping deals on individual products as well as any order over $49. Right from Stephanie’s profile, I could click on a supplement she uses and decide ifI needed it, determine which brand fit my budget, and add it to my cart all on the same website. Stephanie used a lot of Optimum Nutrition products, and I can understand why now that I’ve tried them. I ended up getting the ON Women’s Weight Loss Stack which included a preworkout, CLA supplement, multivitamin, and protein powder all at a discounted price for the bundle. I also got the ON Casein protein powders; they are literally the best I’ve ever tasted. They taste like ice cold milk shakes even when mixed with almond milk. I really love the way the casein thickens up. It’s like having chocolate pudding as a treat before bed.

The guides available through Fitness 360 require a bit of customization to use, but makes that easy. Because of the Fitness 360 profiles and the site’s valuable tools and info, I am a better athlete, and I look and feel more fit than ever.

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