5 Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day, No Matter your Relationship Status

by Madi M.

Posted on Friday, February 01, 2019

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Valentine’s Day can be a sore subject for some, especially when it digs up bad memories of past relationships. Folks, BloomsyBox flowers are here in all their glory to give you a happy association with February. Need more persuasion than “Keep Petaling”? Say no more.

Reason 1: In the Heart of a White Winter, Colors Pop

Valentine’s Day is that small glimpse of color in the middle of gloomy, white wintery days. All of a sudden, there are pink roses and red hearts everywhere, which is a welcomed break from white and gray.

Pink doesn’t have to be your favorite color to know that it mixes up the color palette that we’re all a bit sick of seeing the last few months. We love seeing purple get into the game as well, and with a BloomsyBox bouquet, you’ll get some surprising colors that will make your heart, and the snow, melt.

Reason 2: You Get a Pass to Wear your Heart on your Sleeve

If you’re sad about a recent break-up, you have free reign over all ice cream pints in the grocery store. No one is judging you on this day, and it’ll be impossible to find anyone who suggests you don’t treat yourself to a day of self-love. Buy yourself those candies! Get yourself some roses! You love you, boo.

If you’re ecstatic about a new relationship, you get to be lovey dovey on this day! Let your emotions show, good or bad. Need a reason for a date? It’s Valentine’s Day! Treat your partner to the joys of Valentine’s Day traditions and lean into the day.

Reason 3: Sweets

We can’t possibly pass up the sweet treat opportunities on Valentine’s Day. Chocolates, tarts, cookies; all the goodies are just waiting for you at the store. Plus, on February 15th, the discounts are difficult to miss.

We do understand the close proximity of Valentine’s Day to the start of anyone’s New Year’s Resolution, so we say follow whatever goals you have. However, candy up those Brussels sprouts just a little if that’s what you need to do.

Reason 4: Great Excuse for Galentine’s Day

A new tradition, stemming from Leslie Knope’s excitement over her and Ann’s Galentine’s Day in Parks & Recreation, is spending time with friends in lieu of romantic partners. Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for boozy brunch, a Netflix night in, jammies and wine, or however else you want to enjoy the night with friends. You love your friends, so Galentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate that.

Reason 5: Martha Stewart’s Flower Selection is Available from BloomsyBox

Yes, what you’ve read is true. The legendary home artist, Martha Stewart, is working with BloomsyBox to bring you her selection for flowers of the month. A hand-crafted bouquet from the one and only Ms. Stewart can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Martha’s eye for harmony in the home simply can’t be beat, and for the month of February, her floral craftsmanship is something you can share with your loved ones or gift to yourself.

Not only does Martha Stewart select the roses that you’ll receive, but they’re also sourced from sustainable farms, so you can truly enjoy the joy they bring into your life. All roses have been certified by the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that flowers are grown responsibly and locally sourced.

No, you can’t get Martha Stewart herself delivered to your door, but her flowers of the month through BloomsyBox are the second best thing.

Martha Stewart Will Save Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can either be your favorite holiday or a day you just want to forget about. We’re here to tell you that no matter how you feel about February 14th, Martha Stewart is letting you see the day with rose-colored roses.

At BloomsyBox, Valentine’s Day is a day for you to treat yo’self. If you’re sharing the day with someone you love, treat them to some blooms too! But there is no reason that your “To” address can’t be your own home.

Martha Stewart is coming in hot with her favorite collection of roses sent straight to your door. You may know Martha as the fun-loving hostess who cooks delicious pastries on air, or as the owner of the Martha Stewart Living magazine. She also happens to be America's first self-made female billionaire who works night and day thinking of innovative ways to make a space better.

Her credentials of how to make a home happy and bright simply check out.

This is why we’re thrilled to have some of Martha’s influence in the form of a hand-picked bouquet, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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